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Four types of people are such that talking about them behind their backs is not considered backbiting: the immoral person who makes a public display of his immorality; the dishonest leader who, even if you were to be good to would not appreciate you and if you were to be bad to would not forgive you; those who joke about their [and others’] mothers; and one who is a dissenter, who defames my commu...

Give the worker his wage before his sweat dries up, and inform him of [the amount of] his wage while he is still working (do not delay it until he is done).

Bear the responsibility of your own affairs, for if you do not, no one else will bear it for you.

Justice is the distinguishing character of the Sultan.

The worst of rulers is he whom even the innocent fear.

There are two kinds of people from my community who if they are sound my community will be sound, and if they are corrupt my community will become corrupt. The Prophet was asked, And who are they O messenger of Allah? He replied, The jurists and the rulers.

Imam al-Baqir (AS) narrated that his father used to say, The best of occupations is tilling the land, the produce of which is eaten by both the good-doer and the wrongdoer. That which the good-doer eats will seek forgiveness on his [i.e. the grower s] behalf, and that which the wrongdoer eats will curse him [i.e. the wrongdoer]. The birds and animals eat thereof too.

There will be no improvement in a land where its ruler/ king is oppressive.

One who does good to his people/ subjects God will spread out for him the wings of His Mercy and will admit him into His Mercy/ include him in his forgiveness.

Whoever takes up any of the affairs of people and is just, opens his door, uncovers his veils, and fulfills the needs of people, it will become the right of Allah to save him from fear on the Day of Judgment and make him enter Heaven.

One who spreads justice in the lands, God will spread out His Mercy for him. … will extend His Mercy to him.

One who maintains justice his verdict/ command will be carried out/ fulfilled/ obeyed.

One who acts upon justice God will protect/ preserve his authority.

He who appoints himself as a leader of people must begin by teaching himself before teaching others. And his discipline of them must be through his own example rather than through his words. The one who teaches and disciplines himself is more worthy of esteem than the one who teaches and disciplines people.

Whoever takes up rule of any of the affairs of the Muslims and deceives them then he is in Hell.