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The greatest evil lies in/ comes from taking lightly the sincere advice of a well wishing compassionate man and being deceived by the praise of a flatterer who conceals his enmity towards you.

An evil deed [of yours] that upsets you is better in the sight of Allah than a good deed which you feel proud about.

Many a person is deluded as a result of the bounties Allah has bestowed upon him, many a person approaches Allah’s punishment as a result of Allah’s concealment of his sins, and many a person is captivated by the good things people say about him!

It is not appropriate for he who knows the magnitude of Allah to be haughty, for the glory of those who know the magnitude of Allah lies in their being humble, and the honour of those who know the Majesty of Allah is that they show humility before Him.

One who is proud of his high prestige/ favorable situation will be devoid of shrewdness. fall short of.