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Most of my community who will enter the Fire will be as a result of two cavities: the stomach and the private parts.

'The greatest of regrets on the Day of Resurrection will be the regret of a man who gained wealth through means of disobedience to Allah, which was then inherited by a man who spent it in the obedience of Allah, glory be to Him; thus because of it [i.e. the same wealth] the latter entered Paradise whereas the former entered the Fire.'

Verily the inmates of the Fire will be tormented by the stench of the knowledgeable man who had abandoned his knowledge.

The first to enter the Fire will be a domineering ruler who did not maintain justice, a rich man possessing wealth who does not give his due from his wealth, and a poor man who is arrogant.

Paradise is surrounded by trials and patience. So whoever endures trials in the world will enter Paradise. Hell is surrounded by pleasures and [lustful] desires. Thus, whoever allows himself its pleasures and desires [of the world] will enter the Fire.

The world is the prison of the believer, the grave is his fortress and Paradise is his final abode. The world is the Paradise of the disbeliever, the grave is his prison and the Fire is his final abode.

Asceticism is the key to the door of the Hereafter and immunity from the Fire.

The best and worst of [seeking] popularity will land one in the Fire.

Charity acts as a shield against the fire.

Fasting acts as a shield from the Fire.

There are seven grave sins: intentionally killing a believer, falsely accusing a chaste woman of fornication, fleeing from the midst of a battle, returning to a state of renegation after belief , unjustly usurping the property of the orphan, devouring usury after knowledge of its prohibition, and everything else that Allah has threatened to requite with obligatory punishment in the Fire.

How I wonder at people who keep away from certain types of food for fear of harm to themselves, and yet do not keep away from sins for fear of the Fire!?

rophet (s), with regard to a man who stated [proudly], 'I have never kissed a child', said after he had left, 'To me this man is one of the people of Hell.'