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Devote your endeavour/ effort to preparing answers for the day of questioning and reckoning.

Beware of having little provision [for the journey of the Hereafter] and increase your readiness for your departure.

The greatest loser of people is he who is content with the world as a substitute/ replacement for the Hereafter.

Your brother [whose brotherhood is] for the sake of Allah is the one who guides you to the right course and dissuades you from corruption and assists you in improving/ building your place of return (the Hereafter).

When Allah wishes good for His servant, He hastens his punishment to the life of this world, and when he wishes bad for a servant, He suspends the punishment of his sins to face him on the Day of Resurrection.

The most profiting of people, is the one who buys the Hereafter at the expense of this world.

Provide for yourself [what you will need in the hereafter] before the day of your settlement , and prepare a house for yourself before the day of your landing.

Commit to the truth, even if it is against your desire, and do not sell your Hereafter for your worldly life.

The most pure wealth is that which the hereafter is earned with. … is that which is employed to earn the hereafter.

Devote all your efforts to your returning place (the Hereafter), and your resting abode will improve, and do not sell your Hereafter for your worldly life.

The most prosperous of people is one who abandons a passing pleasure for the sake of a lasting pleasure.

Your preoccupation with improving/ building your place of return (the Hereafter) saves you from the punishment of hell.

Stay away from every work of which you are needless, and preoccupy yourselves with the affairs related to the Hereafter of which you are dearly in need.

Devote your efforts to a day for which all efforts are deposited, a day when the secrets are disclosed. Exert effort for a day which all efforts are deposited for, a day when all secrets will be disclosed.

The best of people in intellect is one who is the best in managing his livelihood and the most concerned of them about improving his hereafter.

The most virtuous/ best of people in the world are the generous ones, and in the Hereafter, the Godwary.

The Herteafter is the home of your [permanent] settlement, so prepare for it that which will stay with you.

People's deeds in the world are goods for the trade of the Hereafter.