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The scholar never feels ashamed to say I have no knowledge about this when he is asked about something he does not know.

When Allah wants good for a community, He increases their scholars and decreases their ignorant ones, so when the scholar speaks, he finds supporters, but when the ignorant one speaks, he is defeated.

When an intelligent man grows old, his intellect remains young [and sharp], and when an ignorant man grows old, his ignorance too remains young [and more reckless].

The most courageous of people is he who conquers ignorance with forbearance.

Obey knowledge and disobey ignorance and you will prosper.

Mans admiration and satisfaction with himself is a proof of his weak intellect.

The greatest form of ignorance is for a person to be ignorant of the condition of his own self.

The greatest affliction is ignorance.

The worthiest of people are those who have the most knowledge, and the least of them in worth are those with the least knowledge.

Verily the first recompense for the noble quality of the clement person is that the people will be his aid against the ignorant one.

The ignorant is one who disobeys Allah, even if he is beautiful to look at and of high status.

h guards a servant as a result of his Godwariness when his intellect is distant from him [cannot grasp it], and He illuminates him from blindness and ignorance as a result of his Godwariness. Noah and those with him were saved in the ark and Salih and those with him were saved from the thunderbolt, because of Godwariness. The patient ones are victorious and those groups ar

You may take councils with your wise enemy, but abstain yourself from the opinion of your ignorant friend.

The ignorant man is a child even though he may be old, while the knowledgeable man is an adult even though he be young.

The ignorant fears that which a wise man finds intimacy with .

The whole world is ignorance apart from the areas of knowledge, and all of knowledge will be held punishable apart from that which is acted upon.