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When you weigh, tip the balance [in favor of the customer].

Whoever has four characteristics his earnings are pure: When he buys something he doe’s not attribute defects to it [in order to buy it with a cheaper price], when he sells something he doe’s not boast about it, he doe’s not conceal the defects of his goods, and while trading he doe’s not take oaths.

The most pure wealth/ property is that which is earned through lawful means.

Verily the enjoinment of good and the prohibition of wrong is the practice of the prophets, the way of the righteous, a great obligation on which all other obligations are founded and by which ideologies are secured, earnings are made lawful, iniquities are redressed, the earth flourishes, revenge is taken from enemies and all affairs are kept upright.

Blessings are in trading and transactions.

The believer is he whose earnings are pure, whose character [Akhlaq] is beautiful, whose conscience is clean, who gives away whatever is surplus from his wealth, and guards whatever is surplus from his speech.

The best earning is that of the hands of a worker if he is faithful [honest in his work].

Regarding the verse: “Spend from the good things which you have earned.”, Imam al-Sadiq (as) said, in Jahiliyya period [Pre-Islamic era] , people used to earn money through unlawful means, when they became Muslims they decided to take out the unlawful from their wealth and spend it [in charity] but Allah refused to accept it unless it was taken out from the purest of what they had earned.

There is no good in one who does not like to collect wealth through lawful means by which he preserves his honour, repays his debts and maintains relations with his kin.

The deal is not fulfilled until the balance is tipped [in favor of the customer].

If people were to earn whence Allah has ordered them to and spend it in that which He has forbidden, then He will not accept it from them. And if they earn what Allah has prohibited them from and spend it in that which He has ordered them to, He will not accept it from them either unless they take it from its rightful place and spend it in its rightful place.