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The best of deeds in the sight of Allah is the happiness that you bring to a fellow believer, either by driving away his hunger or by relieving him of his distress.

A person commits a sin which causes him to regret, and then performs a good deed and that makes him happy, which takes him away from his current state of regret, but if he had stayed in the state of regret, it would have been better for him than the current state of happiness he has entered.

Verily, Allah looked upon the earth and chosed us (i.e. Ahl al-Bayt), and He chosed for us our Shi'a who help us and become happy for our happiness, and become sorrowful for our sorrow, and give away their lives and wealth in our cause. They are from us and [headed] towards us, and will be with us in Paradise.

The beginning of desire is [heralded] by joy, and its end by ruin.

Being happy with the world is foolishness.

Piety is the master of action. He who does not have piety to prevent him from an act of disobedience to Allah Almighty when left with it, Allah will not care about any of his other actions. This means that it [piety] is fear of Allah, both in secret and in public, economizing both in poverty and wealth, and fairness both in [times of] contentment and discontentment.

The Pprophet (s) was asked about the best servants of Allah, to which he replied, They are the ones who, when they do good they become pleased, when they do wrong they seek forgiveness, when they are given something they give thanks, when they are afflicted they are patient and when they get angry they pardon.

Performing common acts of courtesy, bringing solace to a grief-stricken person, and being hospitable to guests is the instrument of mastership.

A fasting person has two sources of joy: his joy when he opens his fast and his joy at meeting his Lord.