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said, Allah, Blessed and most High, the Clement and all-Knowing, only becomes angry with those who do not accept His satisfaction, and He only prohibits those who do not accept His gifts. Verily, He only causes to go astray those who do not accept from Him His guidance.

The best of deeds in the sight of Allah is the happiness that you bring to a fellow believer, either by driving away his hunger or by relieving him of his distress.

Entertain good opinion about Allah, For Allah says: I deal with my faithful servant according to his opinion about Me. If he thinks good about Me, then I will be good to him, and if he thinks bad about me, I will treat him accordingly.

The best form of thanksgiving for blessings is to use them as a means to benefit others.

The most basic level of infidelity is for a man to hear a fellow brother say something and memorize it for future to use against him in order to shame him with it. Those are worthless people indeed.

When the believer excels in his good deed, Allah will enhance each one of his good deeds to equal seven hundred.

When a believer suspects his fellow brother, his faith disappears from his heart like salt disappears in water.

When a believer accuses his fellow brother, his faith disappears from his heart just as salt dissolves in water.

When a believer enters his grave, it is said to him, Behold, that your first gift is Paradise and the gift for those who attended your funeral is forgiveness.

When you meet each other, receive each other with the greeting of peace (salam) and a handshake, and when you part company, do so by seeking each other’s forgiveness.

If an act of courtesy is done unto you, then be sure to remember it, and if you do an act of courtesy unto someone else, then be sure to forget it.