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Do not look intently at one who does not belong to you, for verily your genitals will not commit fornication as long as you guard your gaze [from fornicating]. So if you are able to keep yourself from looking at the apparel of a woman who is not permitted to you, then do so.

One with the best lifestyle is he whom people live comfortably in his grace. The one who enjoys the best life is…

The most pleasant [type] of life is [a life of] contentment.

The man with the most comfortable lifestyle is he whom Allah, Glory be to Him, has granted contentment and to whom he has given a virtuous wife.

Verily the one who enjoys the best standards of living is he who is satisfied with what Allah has apportioned for him.

The life of world is but short, and its good, little, its approaching, deception, and its turning away, a catestroph, its pleasures are transient, and its

Verily knowledge is the life of the hearts, the light of the eyes from blindness and the strength of the bodies against weakness.

Verily this world is a bridge, so cross over it but do not build on it.

You have been created for eternality and not to perish; You are in a place which is a path to the Hereafter, and a place which is transient.

The most wholesome lifestyle is achieved through letting go of formalities.

Beware of negligence and delusion about the respite [that you have been given], for indeed negligence ruins deeds.

Seek favors and kindness from the compassionate people of my community and you will always remain under their wing of protection.

Work for your life [in this world] as though you will live forever, and work for the Hereafter as though you will die tomorrow.

Imam al-Sadiq (as), mentioning the status and qualities of the Imams said, 'Allah has made them the [source of] life for mankind, the lamps in the darkness, the keys to expression and the pillars of Islam.'

It is narrated in al-Ikhtisas: Prolong your seating at the dinner table [observe proper eating manners], for these are times that will not be accounted for as part of your lives.

[Faith in] Allah’s divine Unity is the life of the soul.

Monotheism is the life of the soul.