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The most prosperous of people is he who mingles with honourable people.

The best worship is supplication, for when Allah gives permission [and divine succour] for His servant to supplicate, He opens for him the door of mercy. Surely the one who supplicates will never be destroyed.

As for the signs of the betrayer, there are four: disobedience to the All-Beneficent, disturbance to neighbors, loathing his associates, and being close to tyranny and oppression.

If you want the exclusive love of your brother, then do not ever make fun of him, nor quarrel with him, nor compete against him, nor be malicious to him.

Verily man needs to adopt three characteristics with respect to his household and his family, even if these are not naturally present within him: pleasant social interaction, calculated generosity, and possessiveness through protectiveness.

Verily if you are patient, the trials of destiny will befall you and you will be rewarded for them, whilst if you are anxious, not only will the trials of destiny still befall you but you will be sinful.

Any woman who so much as moves something from one place to another in her husband's house in order to make improvement is regarded with mercy by Allah, and whoever Allah regards [with mercy] He does not punish.

O people, verily I am a mercy gifted [to you by Allah].

For your brother, offer your blood and your wealth, for your enemy your justice and fairness, and for people in general your joy and your good favour.

Hope in Allah with such hope that it will not embolden you to disobey Him, and fear Allah with such fear that it will not cause you to despair of His mercy.

Befriend one who gives you a good image, and do not befriend one who uses you to boost his own image.

Seek favors and kindness from the compassionate people of my community and you will always remain under their wing of protection.

Know that acts of courtesy earn praiseworthy results, and end in rewardable gains. If you were to see acts of courtesy personified as a man, you would perceive him to be good and handsome, pleasing for people to behold and transcending all the worlds. And if you were to see acts of vileness personified, you would perceive an ugly, revolting, disfigured man, whom the hearts would be averse to and ...

Imam al-Baqir (AS) was once asked about graceful patience, to which he replied, That is the patience that is devoid of complaint to other people.

Expectation is a mercy for my community; without expectation no mother would nurse her child, nor would anyone plant a tree.