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The best noble moral traits are the pardoning by one who has the upper hand and the open-handedness of one who is himself in need.

If you wish for noble traits, then avoid the prohibited things.

When a man has a pure and praiseworthy quality then expect him to have other such qualities.

The best form of asceticism is when one conceals their asceticism.

The noblest moral virtue is liberality and the most beneficial moral virtue is justice.

If you are not of the clement ones then feign clemency for verily few people who imitate a group fail to become one of them.

Verily the first recompense for the noble quality of the clement person is that the people will be his aid against the ignorant one.

Self-Sacrifice is the highest of Virtues

Generosity is the greatest attribute of Allah.

Cheerfulness is the distinguishing trait of the free.