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Verily among the qualities that greatly develop one's faith is abstention from worldly pleasures.

The most perfect of people in intellect is the best of them in character.

If you take a captive who then cannot walk further, nor have you a carriage for him, then set him free and do not kill him, for you do not know what would be the Imam s ruling about him.

The most perfect of believers in faith is the best of them in character [Akhlaq].

The Prophet (s) went to al-Baqi and some of his companions followed him. He stopped and ordered them to proceed and he then walked behind them. He was asked about this, and he said, I heard the beat of your sandals [behind me] and feared that some arrogance would fall into my self.

Self-admiration is the opposite of proper conduct, and is the bane of the intellects.

The believer is one whose earnings are pure, whose character is beautiful, whose conscience is clean, who gives away whatever is surplus from his wealth, who guards whatever is surplus from his speech, who people feel safe from his evil and who is fair to people in spite of himself.

The consequence of self-admiration is hatred [of other people towards you].

Improve your character, and Allah will lighten your account.

Marry those who are single among you for verily Allah will develop their moral traits [through marriage], He will increase their sustenance for them, and will enhance their integrity and gallantry.

The means to purify one’s character is good manners.

Ill nature causes life to be miserable and torments the soul.

Imam Ali (as) said, describing the Prophet (s), He was never seen stretching his leg out in the presence of someone sitting with him.

He who is devoid of reason has no good manners.

There is no lifestyle more wholesome than [living] good-naturedly.

Let your heart include both need for people as well as needlessness of them – your need for them being in order to speak kind words to them and to treat them cheerfully, and your needlessness of them being in order to maintain your integrity and to preserve your self-respect.

Deceit and harming [others] are not of the morals of the believers.

Whoever is ill-natured, his sustenance will be straitened.

Whoever is ill-natured, his family is rendered weary of him.

One who is ill-natured, inflicts torment upon his own soul.