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Show your despair of people [and their possessions], for verily that is the true wealth.

The bane of riches is miserliness.

The man with the best opinion is he who does not deem himself needless of the opinion of a consultant.

Verily the most sufficient of riches is the intellect.

If justice is maintained among people they will become needless, the sky will pour down its sustenance [rain], and the earth will bring out its blessings [plants, fruits and minerals] with the permission of Allah Almighty.

Allah Almighty revealed unto Prophet David (AS) saying, I put Satiety in contentment, whilst they seek it [richness] in abundance of wealth but do not find it.

The greatest richness is to despair of what other people possess.

The greatest wealth is for one to not have an eye on what others possess.

A content person is rich even if he happens to be hungry or without clothes.

Protecting what is in your hands is more beloved to me than asking for what others possess, and the bitterness of despair is better than asking from people.

A believer’s dignity lies in his standing for the night prayer, and his honour lies in his being free from need of people. … his independence from people.

Imam al-Sadiq (as) said to one of his companions: I advise You and myself to fear the One whose disobedience is not permissible, and none is hoped other than Him, and riches is not obtained except through Him.

There is no wealth more productive than the intellect and no poverty worse than stupidity.