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The most prudent of people is he whose undergarment and clothing (inseparable traits) are patience and consideration into the consequences [of his actions].

The person with the best state regarding the bounties is one who makes the present ones continue/ last through gratefulness and makes the lost ones return through patience.

There are four things which when given to someone, they have indeed been given the good of this world and the Hereafter: a persevering body, a remembering tongue, a thankful heart and a righteous wife.

The most resembling of people to the Prophets of God are those who speak the truth the most and persevere the most in acting upon it.

The origin of patience is to have strong conviction in Allah.

Repel worries from yourself through invincible patience and a firm conviction.

The most virtuous of people/ the best of people is he who restrains his rage and forbears while/ despite having the power [to revenge].

Obligate yourself to adopt affection, and make yourself tolerate the encumbrances of people.

One who combats his self and overcomes his anger and attends to obeying his Lord/ is cautious about obeying his Lord, God will raise for him the reward of one who fasts during the day and stands in worship in the night and will make him reach the rank of those who patiently guard the frontiers.

Verily you will never be able to attain that which you love until you are able to endure that which you dislike.

Complete the bounties of Allah over you by having patience in obeying Him, and refraining from disobeying Him.

Endure [the hardships and temptations of] this world, for it is no more than an hour. What has passed, you will find neither its pain nor its sorrow, and what is yet to come, you do not know what it will be like. The world is the hour in which you live; So be patient, in it, with acts of obedience to Allah, and be patient in keeping away from acts of disobedience to Allah.

Overcome intolerance with patience, for intolerance and rage in the face of calamities erase [Allah's] reward and augments the catastrophe.

Perseverance in the face of adversity protects the heart.