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The most insightful person is he who sees his own flaws and refrains from sins.

Fear Allah, who if you utter something he hears, and if you hide something, he knows. Fear Allah who hears what you say, and knows what you hide.

Fear Allah with fear due to Him, and strive for His pleasure, and guard yourselves against the painful punishment about which He has warned you.

The most Godward of people is he who speaks the truth, be it for or against him.

Piety is the best clothing/ garment and Godwariness is the best provision.

Piety is the best clothing/ garment and Godwariness is the best provision.

When the servant gets married, he has completed half of his faith, so let him be careful of his duty to Allah in the remaining half.

When man’s knowledge increases his manners improve and his fear of his Lord increases.

The root of piety is keeping away from sins, and restraining oneself from the forbidden.

Hold fast to Godwariness, for it has a rope with the firmest handhold, and a stronghold with the highest peak.

The most virtuous/ best of people in the world are the generous ones, and in the Hereafter, the Godwary.

The best of piety is to have a good opinion of people.

Refraining from evil deeds is more important/ vital than earning good deeds.

The person who knows his self the best is he who fears his Lord the most.

The most effective way my community will enter Paradise is through Godwariness [Taqwa] and good character.

The most effective way through which my community will enter Paradise is God-wariness and good character.

The highest level of sagacity is piety and the lowest level of stupidity is immorality.

The most sagacious from among you is the most pious of you.