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Shall I tell you who is the toughest and strongest from among you?' They replied, 'Yes, Messenger of Allah, do tell us', so the Prophet (s) said, 'The strongest and toughest of you is he who, when he is happy, his happiness does not lead him to committing a sin or anything wrong, and when he gets angry, his anger does not prevent him from speaking the truth, and when he is empowered in any way, he...

There is no interceder for a woman more efficient with her Lord than the content of her spouse.

If you have faith in Almighty God and abstain from that which He has prohibited, He will place you in the abode of safety, and if you seek His pleasure, He will shower you with His pleasure.

When committing acts of disobedience, remember the passing of their pleasure and the remaining of their consequences. At the time of committing sins, just remember how their pleasure will pass away and their consequ

Be content with what has been allotted to you of sustenance in order to live like a rich man.

The most prosperous of people is one who abandons a passing pleasure for the sake of a lasting pleasure.

Treat people with leniency and humble yourself for God and He will raise your status.

I guarantee that the one who does not harbor anything but contentment in his heart will be answered when he supplicates to Allah.

Verily those who have the greatest knowledge of Allah are the most satisfied with His decree.

The life of world is but short, and its good, little, its approaching, deception, and its turning away, a catestroph, its pleasures are transient, and its consequences, enduring.

The opening of wisdom is abandoning the [illicit] pleasures, and the peak of it is to detest the transient things.

Remember the demolisher of pleasures, the destroyer of lustful desires and the caller to dispersion/ seperation.

Forgive that which provokes your anger as a compensation for that which pleases you.

The world is cursed along with what is in it, except that through which the pleasure of Allah is sought.

Remembrance is a source of great pleasure for the lovers [of Allah].