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Do good to the one who has wronged you, and forgive the one who has commited atrocity/ evil against you.

When a crime is committed against you, do forgive. When someone commits an atrocity against you, do forgive them.

When you vanquish your enemy, let your pardon of him serve as thanksgiving for the power [given to you] over him.

One with the best knowledge of God is he who accepts people's excuses the most even if they have no excuse to give/ provide/ extend.

Shall I inform you of the best virtues in the world and the hereafter? [They are] pardoning one who has wronged you, reconciliation with the one who has cut you off, doing good to the one who has done bad to you, and giving to the one who has deprived you.

When Allah wants something, He decrees it, and when He decrees it He issues His command, and when He issues His command He executes it.

Among the noble moral traits is to reconcile with one who has cut you off, give to one who has deprived you, and to pardon one who has wronged you.

Forgive that which provokes your anger as a compensation for that which pleases you.

Pardon is when a man forgives atrocity committed against him and is clement towards what provokes his anger. Pardon is for a man to …

Good moral conduct is the zakat of bounties, intercession is the zakat of high status, ailments are the zakat of the body, amnesty is the zakat of victory, and all that you give out zakat on is protected from being snatched away from you.

The beauty of management is dispensing justice in one's authority and pardon despite one's power to revenge.

The best of my community are those who when treated foolishly are tolerant, and when wronged they forgive, and when they are tormented are patient.

Be forgiving despite having the power [to take revenge], generous in spite of your own hardship and selfless [preferring others over yourself] in spite of your own neediness, and your virtue will be perfected.

O Ali, do not get angry, and if you do get angry, then sit down and reflect upon the power of your Lord over His creation and His clemency towards them. And whenever anyone tells you [condescendingly] to fear Allah, expel your anger and remind yourself of your clemency.