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One's expressing his destitute brings about even more poverty.

The greatest poverty is foolishness.

Allah has made poverty a trust with His creation. So, whoever conceals it, Allah will give him the equivalent of the reward of a fasting and praying person.

Verily begging is not allowed, except in three cases: for paying a large sum of blood money, an escalating debt or an abasing poverty.

The first to enter the Fire will be a domineering ruler who did not maintain justice, a rich man possessing wealth who does not give his due from his wealth, and a poor man who is arrogant.

Imam Ali (as), in his will before his martyrdom said, (Fear) Allah (and) keep Allah in view in the matter of orphans. So do not allow them to starve and they should not be ruined in your presence, as I have heard the Prophet (s) say, Whoever elevates an orphan until he becomes free from need, Allah will make it incumbent for him to enter Heaven just as He has made Hellfire incumbent for the consu...

Squandering is the epitome of destitution.

The Quran is rich, and there is no richness without it, and no poverty after it.

The wealth of this world is the poverty of the Hereafter.

There are three things which if a person performs even one, Allah will make Paradise incumbent upon him: to give charity when one is needy oneself, cheerfulness with the whole world, and being just in spite of one's self.

Sit with the poor and your gratefulness will increase.

Cure poverty with charity and giving generously.

Abandon squandering/ extravagance, for an extravagent person is not worthy of praise in his generosity as he is not worthy of mercy in his poverty. Beware of squandering, for the generosity of one who squanders is not praiseworthy, as he is not to be sympathized with in his poverty.

Keeping relationships with one's kin prolongs one's life and repels poverty.