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The greatest evil lies in/ comes from taking lightly the sincere advice of a well wishing compassionate man and being deceived by the praise of a flatterer who conceals his enmity towards you.

Verily every supplication that is not preceded by praise [of Allah] is incomplete.

Verily for every essential truth is a reality and a servant has not reached the reality of sincerity until he dislikes to be praised [by others] for any act that he does for the sake of Allah.

Imam al-Sadiq (AS), from his fathers (AS) said, Humbleness is for a man to be content to sit in any place and not a particular place, to greet those he meets, to leave disputation even if he is right, and to not like to be praised for piety.

Know that acts of courtesy earn praiseworthy results, and end in rewardable gains. If you were to see acts of courtesy personified as a man, you would perceive him to be good and handsome, pleasing for people to behold and transcending all the worlds. And if you were to see acts of vileness personified, you would perceive an ugly, revolting, disfigured man, whom the hearts would be averse to and ...

Persevering with an action until it becomes pure and sincere is harder than [performing] the action itself. The pure action [done out of sincerity], is that which the servant does not wish to be praised for by anyone except Allah - Mighty and Exalted.

Three characteristics distinguish a show off: he is energetic and active whilst in the presence of people, but he is lazy when he is by himself, and he loves to be praised for everything.

Do not give charity openly for people to see and commend you for it, for verily when you do that, you have already received your reward for it [in their commendation]. However, if you give with your right hand such that your left hand does not come to know it, then the One for whose sake you have secretly given charity will surely reward you for it openly.

He who censures his soul improves it, and he who praises his soul slaughters it.