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The most beloved of all acts to Allah, Mighty and Exalted, is the prayer, and it is the last legacy of the prophets.

The most resembling of people to the Prophets of God are those who speak the truth the most and persevere the most in acting upon it.

The truest of names is that which indicates one’s servitude [to Allah] and the best of them are the names of the prophets (as).

The prophets have the hardest ordeals from amongst people, then their successors, then they scale down according to their piety.

Verily the scholars are the heirs of the prophets.

Allah, Mighty and Exalted, created all people according to the divine nature upon which He originated them, while they knew neither belief in religion nor disbelief and denial of faith, until Allah sent messengers calling people to belief in Him, then Allah guided some among them and left some others misguided.

When Allah the Glorious and Exalted sent His messengers, He did not send them with gold and silver, rather He sent them with [eloquent] speech.

Allah, Mighty and Exalted, did not send any prophet except with truthfulness in their speech and returning a trust to its owner, be he good or wicked.

Verily Allah did not send any prophet unless with truthfulness in speech and returning a trust to its owner be he good or wicked.

Allah’s authoritative proof against His servants is the prophet (s), and the authoritative proof in matters between the servants and Allah is intellect.

I urge you to use the weapon of the prophets , upon which he was asked, What is the weapon of the prophets? , to which he replied, Supplication.

e superiority of a young worshipper who worships Allah in his youth over an old man who worships after he has grown old, is as the superiority of the prophets over the rest of people.

Allah has never sent a prophet without sending him with a pleasant voice.