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Do good unto the one who has wronged you.

The person who best knows the rights of his brethren and is the most diligent of all at fulfilling them is the one who has the greatest esteem in the sight of Allah.

Shall I inform you of the best virtues in the world and the hereafter? [They are] pardoning one who has wronged you, reconciliation with the one who has cut you off, doing good to the one who has done bad to you, and giving to the one who has deprived you.

If you want to cut off relations with your brother make sure to leave a place for him in your heart, so he can return to it one day when he so wishes.

The best attire is that which enables you to blend in with people, which makes you look presentable in front of them, and which does not give tongues an excuse to wag about you.

The best reconciler is he who reconciles with one who has cut him off.

The most sociable person is the one who maintains relations with one who cuts him off.

Beware of self-satisfaction lest it increases the number of those against you.

Beware of wrongdoing, for the living days of one who wrongs others become unpleasant.

Know that even the slightest showing off is tantamount to polytheism.

Brothers are of three [kinds]: one, like food, is needed all the time and this is the wise [friend]. Another is similar to disease, and this is the fool. And the third is like medicine, and this is the tactful friend.

The prudent one is he who is selective in his friendships, for man is judged according to his friend.

The evil person cannot think well of anybody because he can only see people as he himself is predisposed.

The believer associates with people well and is well associated by them, and there is no good to be found in one who does not get along with others and whom people do not get along with. The best of people is the most useful from among them.

The believers are brothers, their blood is coequal, and they are one hand against others, the most inferior among them is empowered by them to give [to the enemy] protection.

Stay in touch with one another, be good to one another, have mercy on one another and be righteous brothers just as Allah, Mighty and Exalted, has commanded you.

There are three things through which Allah only increases the Muslim in honour: his pardon of one who has wronged him, his giving to the one who has deprived him, and his reconciliation with one who has cut him off.

The best of brothers is the one whose amity is for the sake of Allah.

The peak of ignorance is showing enmity towards people.