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.... till Muhammad came, and he brought the Quran and its laws and teachings. So, the permitted (halal) of Muhammad is permitted until the Day of Resurrection, and his forbidden (haram) is forbidden until the Day of Resurrection.

When the Day of Judgment comes a curtain among the curtains of Paradise will be removed then every living being will sense its fragrance from a distance of five hundred years except for one group of people. I said: Who are they: The Imam replied: They are the insolent ones to their parents.

The heaviest thing to be placed on the scales on the Day of Resurrection is the invocation of blessings on Muhammad (s) and his household (as).

If you want Allah to raise you [on the Day of Resurrection] with me, then prolong your prostration to Allah the One, the all-Conqueror.

When you head for bed then look at what you have put in your stomach [during the day] and what you have earned in your day, and remember that you are to die and that you will be resurrected.

On the Day of Resurrection, it will be announced, ‘Where are the sixty year olds?’ for this is the age referring to which Allah, most High, has said, “Did we not give you a life long enough that one who is heedful might take admonition?”

When the Day of Resurrection comes and Allah will gather all His creation, He will ask about the covenant He made with them, and will not ask about what He destined for them.

When any of you dies, his Resurrection starts; and he sees what good and bad he has [accumulated].

On the Day of Resurrection, the earth will be scorching except for the shadow of a believer, for verily his charity will serve him as shade.

The one to be the most harshly judged on the Day of Resurrection will be the idle person whose chores are taken care of [by others]. If work is tiring, idleness is corruptive.

The person to experience the greatest pain on the Day of Resurrection will be the scholar who did not benefit from his own knowledge.

Increase your remembrance of death, the day that you will rise from your graves, and your standing before Allah, Mighty and Exalted, and your afflictions will become easier to bear.

Hold onto wealth according to your need of it, and send the rest ahead for the day you will need it (the hereafter).

There are six signs of a person of conviction: he has truly attained conviction in Allah and believed in Him, he is convinced that death is true and he is wary of it, he is convinced that Resurrection is true and he fears shame , he is convinced that Heaven is true and he longs for it, he is convinced that Hell is true and his endeavour is apparent in his wanting to be saved from it, he is convin...

When the Last Hour comes, if any of you happens to be holding a seedling in his hand, then if he is able to, let him not stand until he has planted it.

I will be the first to enter into the presence of the Noble, all-Conqueror on the Day of Judgment, with His Book and my household, then my community, where I will ask them, 'What did you do with the Book of Allah and with my household?

The one to face the severest punishment on the Day of Resurrection will be the man who deposited his sperm in a womb that was forbidden to him.