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Worshippers are of three types: people who worship Allah, Mighty and Exalted, out of fear, and that is the worship of a slave; people who worship Allah, Blessed and most High, seeking to be rewarded thereof, and that is the worship of an employee; and people who worship Allah, Mighty and Exalted, out of love for Him, and that is the worship of free men and is the best type of worship.

When the believer excels in his good deed, Allah will enhance each one of his good deeds to equal seven hundred.

If a man quenches his wife's thirst he is rewarded for it.

The person to experience the greatest punishment will be the man who recompenses good done unto him with evil.

The worship deserving of the greatest reward is that which is most discreetly performed.

Indeed, Jihad (i.e. combat against the self) is the price for Paradise, so whosoever combats his self, owns paradise, and it is the most noble reward of God for those who understand its glory.

If your Muslim brother condemns you for whatever he knows about you, then do not condemn him back for whatever you know about him. You will have a reward whereas he will carry a sin.

Verily Allah, Blessed and most High, says, ‘The fast is solely for Me and I reward for it.

Allah has made poverty a trust with His creation. So, whoever conceals it, Allah will give him the equivalent of the reward of a fasting and praying person.

Verily the Shia of Ali (as) are those who restrain their stomachs and private parts, strive severely, act for their Lord, hope for His reward and fear His punishment, If you come across such people, [know] that they are the Shia of Ja’far (as).

People who perform acts of courtesy towards others benefit more from them than the receptors of their kindness, for verily they have the reward for them, the [rewarding feeling of] pride for having helped someone as well as a mention. So however much good a man may do for others, it ult

The people who perform acts of kindness in this world will be the same ones to perform them in the Hereafter, for verily in the Hereafter their scales will be so laden with their good deeds that they will be able to bestow them generously on the sinners [in order to assist them].

Imam Ali (as) said to Shurayh (One of his judges), 'Beware of showing boredom or irritation in the court of justice, for which Allah has prescribed a reward and there will be good provision for he who judges honestly.'

Every single believer whose eyes shed tears for the martyrdom of al-Husayn (as) such that they roll onto his cheeks, Allah prepares chambers for him in Paradise as a result of them wherein he will dwell for ages.

Punish the wrongdoer by rewarding the good-doer.

Intercede for others and you will be rewarded.

Know that acts of courtesy earn praiseworthy results, and end in rewardable gains. If you were to see acts of courtesy personified as a man, you would perceive him to be good and handsome, pleasing for people to behold and transcending all the worlds. And if you were to see acts of vileness personified, you would perceive an ugly, revolting, disfigured man, whom the hearts would be averse to and ...