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There are six things by which mens intellects may be tested: the company they keep, their dealings, authority, their disassociation from power and government, their wealth and their poverty.

The most miserly person with regards to his wealth is the most liberal in squandering away his honour.

If people cut off ties with their kin, their wealth will be placed at the disposal of evil people.

Show your despair of people [and their possessions], for verily that is the true wealth.

The bane of riches is miserliness.

The man with the best opinion is he who does not deem himself needless of the opinion of a consultant.

Verily the biggest loser with the worst end of the deal and the most unsuccessful in his striving is the man who exhausts his body in the quest for his wealth even though fate does not help him in his aims, and he consequently leaves this world with regret while heading towards the Hereafter, where he will face its ill consequences.

Verily the most sufficient of riches is the intellect.

The best reconciler is he who reconciles with one who has cut him off.

Verily Allah has fixed the alms-tax as a provision for the poor and a proliferation of your wealth.

If justice is maintained among people they will become needless, the sky will pour down its sustenance [rain], and the earth will bring out its blessings [plants, fruits and minerals] with the permission of Allah Almighty.

Verily charity given at night [i.e. secretly in the dark of the night] extinguishes the wrath of the Lord, wipes away grave sins and facilitates one’s account [on the Day of Resurrection]. Charity given during the day [in broad daylight] makes one’s wealth thrive and increases one’s lifespan.

Allah Almighty revealed unto Prophet David (AS) saying, I put Satiety in contentment, whilst they seek it [richness] in abundance of wealth but do not find it.

The first to enter the Fire will be a domineering ruler who did not maintain justice, a rich man possessing wealth who does not give his due from his wealth, and a poor man who is arrogant.

O people! ... Who are the utterly destitute? They said, A person who does not have any wealth. He said, No, rather the real destitute is he who has not offered any of his money regarding it to be for Allah, even though he has a lot more after that.