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When God wants good for a servant, He makes chaste his stomach and private parts. …will grant him chastity regarding his stomach and private parts.

There are four things which when given to someone, they have indeed been given the good of this world and the Hereafter: truthful speech, fulfilment of trust, restraint in [filling] one's stomach [from the forbidden], and a good nature.

The most intelligent of people is one whose seriousness surpasses his trifleness, and uses his intellect to overcome his desires.

The best of people in intellect is one who is the best in managing his livelihood and the most concerned of them about improving his hereafter.

[Consider] your sojourn in this world just as a house that you stayed in and [soon] departed from, or an object of perfection that you witnessed in a dream then you awoke and not a thing from it remained with you. I have given you this parable because this world, according to the people of intellect and knowledge of Allah, is just as the shadow in the shade.

Truly modesty and chastity are of the traits of faith, and they are the attributes of the free and the distinguishing marks of the righteous.

A plant grows on level ground and not on the hard terrain, and similarly wisdom flourishes in the heart of the humble, and does not flourish in the heart of the haughty and overbearing, because Allah made humbleness the instrument of the intellect and haughtiness the instrument of ignorance.

Verily the man of intellect contents himself with less worldly things when accompanied with wisdom, and does not content himself with less wisdom and more worldly things, and this is why their trade [of the transient for the permanent] profits them.

Verily a man of intellect does not lie even if his interests are involved.

The people of intellect have abandoned the excesses of this world, let alone sins. Forsaking worldly excesses is [merely] a virtue whereas abandoning sins is an obligation.

Verily Allah, most High, has abundantly distributed sustenance even to the fools, so that intelligent men may take a lesson from this and know that the wealth of this world cannot be obtained by work or cunning.

Allah, the Glorified, has fixed the livelihood of the poor in the wealth of the rich, so no poor person goes hungry except that it is because some rich person has denied (him his share), and Allah, the Sublime, will question them about it.

Verily the Shia of Ali (as) are those who restrain their stomachs and private parts, strive severely, act for their Lord, hope for His reward and fear His punishment, If you come across such people, [know] that they are the Shia of Ja’far (as).

The alms-tax has been prescribed as a test for the rich and an aid to the poor. If people duly paid the alms-tax on their wealth, there would not remain a single poor or needy Muslim, and all would suffice themselves through what Allah has prescribed. Verily people are only impoverished, needy, hungry and naked as a result of the sins of the wealthy.