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Keep for yourself the best portion of periods for the worship of Allah.

The most beloved of Allah s servants to Him are those that are the most useful to His servants, and the most persistent of them in establishing His right, those to whom virtue and its practices are beloved.

When Allah loves a servant, He exhorts him with examples.

The truest of names is that which indicates one’s servitude [to Allah] and the best of them are the names of the prophets (as).

Imam Ali (AS), in his intimate supplication said, O Allah, grant me the perfection of devotion to You, and illuminate the sight of our hearts with the radiance of being able to behold You until the sight of our hearts pierces through the veils of light, reaching the source of Exaltedness, and our souls become attached to the glory of Your Sacredness.

The nearest a believer can ever be to his Lord -Mighty and Exalted- is when he is crying in the state of prostration [to his Lord].

Verily Allah, Blessed and most High, says, ‘Verily from among My servants is he who asks Me to enable him to perform an act of obedience to Me in order that he may procure My love, but I however, withhold that from him in order that he does not come to feel proud of that action of his.

The Prophet (s) narrated, Verily Moses, son of Imran (as), in one of his intimate supplications with his Lord, said, My Lord, are you so far from me that I should call You, or are You so near to me that I should whisper? so Allah then revealed to Moses, I sit in close proximity with the one who remembers Me.

Patience and being pleased with Allah is the fountainhead of obedience to Him.

Adoration [of Allah] consists of five things: keeping the stomach empty, reading the Qur’an, performing the night prayer, imploring Allah at dawn, and crying much from fear of Allah.