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Every fatigue, hardship or sorrow that a believer undergoes, as well as worries that distress him, are a means by which Allah deletes his evil deeds.

The root of self-restraint is contentment, and its fruit is fewer sorrows.Outcome

Repel worries from yourself through invincible patience and a firm conviction.

The most virtuous of people according to Allah is he to whom action in accordance with what is right is more beloved - even if it damages and worries him - than what is false, even if it gives him benefit and increases him.

The man who has no debt to people is more comfortable than the one indebted, even if he repaid his debt; and similarly the man who has not committed any sins is more comfortable than he who has committed sins, even if he has sincerely repented and returned [to the right path].

Beware of debt for verily it is a source of anxiety in the night and a source of disgrace during the day.

Beware of the world, for verily it is the enemy of the friends of Allah and the enemy of His enemies too. As for the friends of Allah, it fills them with grief and as for Allah s enemies, it deludes them.

The resentful person has a tormented soul and his anxiety is manifold.

Many a desire of one moment brings about long-lasting grief.

The happiness/ joy of this world is deception and its commodity/ goods/ wares is/are doomed to destruction/ perdition.

Imam Ali (as) said about the distinguishing characteristics of the pious one, ‘Verily when he is silent, his own silence does not distress him, and when he laughs he does not do so loudly.’

Imam Ali (as) was once seen sad and asked the reason for it, so he replied, ‘Because it has been seven days since we have had no guests.’