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When God wants good for a servant/ person He inspires him with economy / frugality and good/ effective management and keeps him away/ prevents him from bad/ poor management and squandering.

The bane of generosity is squandering.

Extravagance is despised in every matter except in doing good deeds.

Economizing increases the little, and wasting destroys the abundant.

Squandering is the epitome of destitution.

Abandon squandering/ extravagance, for an extravagent person is not worthy of praise in his generosity as he is not worthy of mercy in his poverty. Beware of squandering, for the generosity of one who squanders is not praiseworthy, as he is not to be sympathized with in his poverty.

Our Shia are those who give generously in our friendship, love one another in the light of our love, visit one another to revive our cause, those who if angered do not wrong, if pleased do not go to extremes, they are blessings to their neighbours, and at peace with those whom they associate.

Imam al-Sadiq (as), when asked about the lowest degree of wastefulness said, 'The lowest degree of wastefulness is to wear one's formal finery as casual wear at home, to spill out the remains of a container [instead of finishing it], and to eat the date and then throw the pits away here and there [instead of planting them].'

A man who takes pride in squandering will be humiliated by bankruptcy.