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The intellect of every man can be determined by the words that flow through his mouth.

Occupy yourselves with obedience [to Allah], and your tongues with mentioning/ remembering [His names/ Him], and your hearts with being content with what you like and what you dislike.

Guard your tongue, for verily this is a charitable act that you perform for your own sake.

Help God with your heart, your tongue and your hands, for verily, God has guaranteed to help the one who helps Him. Has taken it upon Himself to help the ones who help Him.

The person most despised from among Allah's creatures is a man whose [sharp] tongue people are wary of.

The exhortation which cannot be missed by the hearing, nor matched by any other benefit is that which the tongue of speech remains silent about and is expressed by the tongue of action.

r desires as you guard against your enemies, for there is nothing worse as an enemy to men than following their desires and the consequences of their tongues [i.e. speech].

Remember Allah during your distress when you are distressed, with your tongue when you give judgment and with your hand when distributing anything.

Handwriting is the hand's tongue.

An intelligent person is one who restrains his tongue from everything, except remembrance of God.

When a word comes from the heart, it falls onto the heart; but when it merely comes from the tongue, it will not go farther than the ears.

The tongue of a hypocrite is pleasing whereas his heart is harmful/ detrimental.