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The sign of faith is that you prefer truthfulness where it is to your own detriment over lying where it is to your benefit.

The best form of truthfulness is fulfilment of promise.

When you see three traits in your brother, place your hope in him: bashfulness, trustworthiness, and truthfulness. If you do not see them, do not place your hope in him.

There are four things which when given to someone, they have indeed been given the good of this world and the Hereafter: truthful speech, fulfilment of trust, restraint in [filling] one's stomach [from the forbidden], and a good nature.

The worst form of truthfulness is tale-bearing.

Be truthful in your words, and sincere in your deeds, and purify yourselves through piety.

The bane of talking is lying.

Adhere to truthfulness and trustworthiness, for they are the distinguishing characteristics of the righteous.

Verily the closest of you to me tomorrow [in the Hereafter], and the most eligible of you for my intercession are those who are the most truthful ones, the most conscientious at returning a trust placed in their care, the most good-natured, and the ones who have close ties with people.

Allah, Mighty and Exalted, did not send any prophet except with truthfulness in their speech and returning a trust to its owner, be he good or wicked.

Verily Allah did not send any prophet unless with truthfulness in speech and returning a trust to its owner be he good or wicked.

The Commander of the Faithful (as) would say, There are signs through which the God-wary can be recognized: speaking truthfully, returning trusts, fulfilling promises... spending for good causes, good-naturedness, ample clemency, and the pursuit of knowledge of whatever brings them closer to Allah Almighty.

Faith is to prefer to tell the truth, even if it be to your detriment, over lying even though it be to your benefit.

Adhere to truthfulness even if you fear its harm, for it is better for you than lying even if it is hoped to bring you benefit.

Truthfulness is the goodness of everything whereas lying corrupts everything.

Truthfulness saves you even though you fear it whereas lying ruins you even though you feel safe from it.

Before you speak, you must learn to be truthful.