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Every fatigue, hardship or sorrow that a believer undergoes, as well as worries that distress him, are a means by which Allah deletes his evil deeds.

Force yourself to be lenient when your brother is being strict, to be generous when he is being stingy, and be forbearing of what appears from him (his faults), and stay connected to him.

Your brother [whose brotherhood is] for the sake of Allah is the one who guides you to the right course and dissuades you from corruption and assists you in improving/ building your place of return (the Hereafter).

When there is a group of three people, two of them must not converse to each other secretly leaving out the third one, for this would make him sad and intimidated.

Be lenient towards your brothers, and spare them the harshness of your tongue, and direct towards them your kindness. … and make the waves of your kindness flow to them.

The most sincere brother in his affection is he who best maintains justice among his brothers in times of comfort and consoles/ assists them most in times of distress. The most sincere of brothers in his affection is the one who best maintains justice among them in times of comfort and helps them out in times of hardship.

The root of self-restraint is contentment, and its fruit is fewer sorrows.Outcome

Repel worries from yourself through invincible patience and a firm conviction.

Man's admiration for himself/ self admiration is a proof of his defectiveness and the epitome of his intellect's weakness.

The most virtuous/ best of people in the world are the generous ones, and in the Hereafter, the Godwary.

There are six signs of a person of conviction: he has truly attained conviction in Allah and believed in Him, he is convinced that death is true and he is wary of it, he is convinced that Resurrection is true and he fears shame , he is convinced that Heaven is true and he longs for it, he is convinced that Hell is true and his endeavour is apparent in his wanting to be saved from it, he is convin...

Verily the weakest person is the one who is incapable of supplicating.

The most virtuous of people according to Allah is he to whom action in accordance with what is right is more beloved - even if it damages and worries him - than what is false, even if it gives him benefit and increases him.

The best of people in the sight of God is one who has revived his intellect, suppressed his lust, and exhausts himself to improve his Hereafter.

Verily, Almighty God grants wealth to those He loves and those He hates, but He does not grant knowledge except to those whom He loves.

Verily if you long for God, you will derive benefit and will be saved/ delivered, and if you long for/ are infatuated with this world, then you will lose and will be ruined.