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hings by which mens intellects may be tested: the company they keep, their dealings, authority, their disassociation from power and government, their wealth and their poverty.

The most miserly person with regards to his wealth is the most liberal in squandering away his honour.

The most miserly person is he who does not spend his money on himself and stores it away for his inheritors.

When Allah wants good for a servant He inspires him with contentment, then he contents himself with that which is sufficient and clothes himself with the garment of chestity.

If people cut off ties with their kin, their wealth will be placed at the disposal of evil people.

Show your despair of people [and their possessions], for verily that is the true wealth.

The bane of riches is miserliness.

The best form of wealth is that which is used to safeguard ones reputation.

rily the biggest loser with the worst end of the deal and the most unsuccessful in his striving is the man who exhausts his body in the quest for his wealth even though fate does not help him in his aims, and he consequently leaves this world with regret while heading towards the Hereafter, where he wi

Verily the most dreadful things that I fear for my community after me are: these unlawful earnings, covert carnal desire [i.e. lust] and usury.

Verily Satan says, The rich man is not safe from me in either one of three situations: either I embellish his riches in his eyes such that he deprives it to whoever has a right to it, or I facilitate its way so that he squanders it in the wrong place; or I make it so beloved to him that he earns it unlawfully.

Allah, the Glorified, has fixed the livelihood of the destitute in the wealth of the rich. so no poor man goes hungry except as a result of what a rich man has denied him, and Allah, the Sublime, will question them about

Allah, the Glorified, has fixed the livelihood of the poor in the wealth of the rich, so no poor person goes hungry except that it is because some rich person has denied (him his share), and Allah, the Sublime, will

Lord, wipes away grave sins and facilitates one’s account [on the Day of Resurrection]. Charity given during the day [in broad daylight] makes one’s wealth thrive and increases one’s lifespan.

Verily maintaining relations with one's kin and doing good to others make the account easier and protect one against sins; so maintain relations with your kin and do good to your brothers even if it is as simple as offering the greeting of peace and returning their greeting.