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Beware of the world, for verily with regards to its lawful things there is accountability and with regards to its unlawful things there is punishment, its beginning

Beware of the world, for verily it is deceptive, delusive and deceitful, it is a giver that deprives, and one who clothes yet leaves you naked.

The person best able to practice abstemiousness is he who understands the inferiority of this worldly life.

Remove [the love of] this world from your hearts before your body departs from it, for it is merely a place of trial for you [not an everlasting abode], and you have been creat

The greatest loser of people is he who is content with the world as a substitute/ replacement for the Hereafter.

When Allah wishes good for His servant, He hastens his punishment to the life of this world, and when he wishes bad for a servant, He suspends the punishment of his sins to face him on the Day of Resurrection.

Do not grieve over something you have missed of the world, and do not oblige someone to whom you have done a favour. When you lose something of this world then do not grieve over it, and when you do

The most profiting of people, is the one who buys the Hereafter at the expense of this world.

Commit to the truth, even if it is against your desire, and do not sell your Hereafter for your worldly life.

Abstain from [the vain pleasures of] this world, and Allah will show you its defects and do not be negligent for you are not neglected.

Devote all your efforts to your returning place (the Hereafter), and your resting abode will improve, and do not sell your Hereafter for your worldly life.

The most prosperous of people is one who abandons a passing pleasure for the sake of a lasting pleasure.

Stay away from every work of which you are needless, and preoccupy yourselves with the affairs related to the Hereafter of which you are dearly in need.