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Remember death frequently, for no sooner does man increase his remembrance of death than he begins to renounce this world s life.

The most sagacious one from among you is he who remembers death the most, and the most prudent one from among you is he who is the most prepared for it.

a servant who has previously committed a sin, He tries him with illness, and if not with that then with need. And if not with that, then He makes his death difficult. But when He wants to humiliate a servant who has done some good previously, He makes his body healthy, or makes his sustenance abundant, or makes his death easy.

The sin that hastens one s death is cutting off ties with one s kin.

Poverty with us [i.e. our guardianship] is better than wealth with other than us, and death with us is better than life with other than us.

Treat yourselves with medicine, for verily Allah has not sent down any ailment except that he has sent down a cure for it with the exception of death and old age.

Better than life is that thing which if you lose it you become disgusted with life, and worse than death is that thing which if it comes to you makes you love death.

The Prophet (s), when asked, Who is the most sagacious of believers? replied, Those who remember death the most, and are the most prepared for it.

s actions, brings about an increase in wealth, repels misfortunes, eases the account [on the Day of Resurrection], and delays one s appointed time of death .

He whom death overtakes early calls for more time, and he whose death is deferred continues to put forth excuses with further procrastination.

when he asked for his relatives to be gathered around him as his death approached, said to them, 'Verily our intercession will not avail one who takes his prayer lightly.

group of people who commit acts of disobedience, but at the same time they say that they hope [in God's mercy and forgiveness], and remain thus until death overtakes them. Imam (as) said, These are people who swing back and forth between their desires. They are lying and are not really hopeful, for the one who hopes for something seeks it, and the one wh