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Verily the most dreadful things that I fear for my community after me are: these unlawful earnings, covert carnal desire [i.e. lust] and usury.

The beginning of desire is [heralded] by joy, and its end by ruin.

Conquer your lustful desire and your wisdom will be perfected.

The believer eats according to the desire of his family, while the hypocrite makes his family eat according to his own desires.

Desire is a worshiped god, and the intellect is a praiseworthy friend.

that are obligatory for a governor, both towards the elite and the general public: rewarding the good-doer with goodness so that he increases in his desire to perform it, forgiving the sins of the wrongful so that he can repent and return from his rebellion, and encompassing all people with goodness and fairness.

Remedy your anger with silence, and your carnal desire through your reason.

Many a desire of one moment brings about long-lasting grief.

Prohibiting one's self from desire is the greatest struggle (jihad).

Your desire for the impossible is ignorance.

The slave of his own desire is more humiliated than an owned slave.

He who conceals [the path] of proper conduct from you in making you follow that which you desire is indeed your enemy.

Do not ever desire to be a leader for if you do so, you will be no more than a follower.