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When someone comes to you with a proposal and you are well-pleased with his faith and his integrity then accept him in marriage, for if you do not, discord and corruption will prevail in the land.

When a believer suspects his fellow brother, his faith disappears from his heart like salt disappears in water.

The highest level of faith is to know that Allah is with you wherever you are.

The best form of faith is [manifested through] trustworthiness, and the worst vice is betrayal.

The believers with the most perfect faith are those who are the most good-natured.

Faith is better than submission [islam] and conviction is better than faith, and there is nothing more honourable than conviction.

Verily among the qualities that greatly develop one s faith is abstention from worldly pleasures.

Faith is to prefer to tell the truth, even if it be to your detriment, over lying even though it be to your benefit.

It is forbidden for your hearts that they should taste the sweetness of faith until and unless they abstain from the pleasures of this world.

The adornment of faith is purity of one s innermost thoughts coupled with good actions manifested outwardly.

There is no faith for the one who has no modesty.

A servant will not experience the taste of faith until he leaves lying, both seriously and in jest.