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al-Khidr (as) said to Prophet Moses (as), O Moses, devote yourself exclusively to knowledge if you want it, for verily knowledge is for the one who devotes himself exclusively to it.

Reason is an instinct that is enhanced by knowledge and experience.

The scholar never feels ashamed to say I have no knowledge about this when he is asked about something he does not know.

When Allah wants good for a servant, He makes him proficient in the knowledge of religion, induces him to abstain from the world and gives him insight into his own faults.

When man’s knowledge increases his manners improve and his fear of his Lord increases.

The one amongst people to be the most severely punished will be the knowledgeable man who has not benefited from his knowledge one bit.

The most wretched of people is he who is reputed amongst people for his knowledge but not known for his action thereof.

Obey knowledge and disobey ignorance and you will prosper.

The most knowledgeable of people is he who adds other peoples knowledge to his own.

The bane of knowledge is not putting it into practice.

Verily those who have the greatest knowledge of Allah are the most satisfied with His decree.

Verily knowledge is the life of the hearts, the light of the eyes from blindness and the strength of the bodies against weakness.