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The most effective way through which my community will enter Paradise is God-wariness and good character.

There is a rank in Paradise which no servant can reach except through suffering harm in his body.

Whichever believer withholds his wealth from another believer who is in need, by Allah he will not taste the food of Paradise and he will not drink from the sealed wine [of Paradise].

The world is the prison of the believer, the grave is his fortress and Paradise is his final abode. The world is the Paradise of the disbeliever, the grave is his prison and the Fire is his final abode.

There are three things which if a person performs even one, Allah will make Paradise incumbent upon him: to give charity when one is needy oneself, cheerfulness with the whole world, and being just in spite of one's self.

The price for Paradise is righteous deeds.

That good is no good after which there is the Fire, and that hardship is no hardship after which there is Paradise. Every bliss other than Paradise is inferior and every calamity other than the Fire is comfort.

A man who wrongs a worker in his wage, will have Allah annul his worship and prevent him from smelling the breeze of paradise which can be smelled from a distance of five hundred years.

O Abu Dharr, verily for as long as you remain seated in the mosque, Allah, most High, will grant you an extra level in Paradise for every breath you take...