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Verily Allah loves the young man who spends his entire youth in the obedience of Allah.

The old man is a youth when it comes to his love for his intimate one, his long life and his abundant wealth.

The best of your youth are those who act like the old from among you, and the worst of your old ones are those who act like your youth.

There are two things whose worth is only known to one who has lost them: youth and health.

The superiority of a young worshipper who worships Allah in his youth over an old man who worships after he has grown old, is as the superiority of the prophets over the rest of people.

Imam Ali (AS)said to Imam al-Hasan (AS), The heart of a youth resembles an empty land – it receives all that is thrown into it. This is why I have started to teach you good manners before your heart is hard