What should I do to keep myself away from sins?

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What should I do to keep myself away from sins?

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To keep away from sins we need to:

1- Remember the fact that Allah (SWT) is always seeing us, so, never do any sin when He is seeing us. Those who commit sins forget the fact that Allah is watching over them. The Quran says:

Does he not know that Allah sees [him]? [96:14]


2- Keeping in mind the fact that sins are the way to hell fire and misery in this life and the hereafter. 

3- Taking account of our deeds every day, and stopping on every sin committed -God forbid- and repenting on it and seeking forgiveness and deciding not to do it again. We also should thank Allah (SWT) for every good deed done, so that we get more from His bounties.

4- Repeating Estighfaar (seeking forgiveness) as much as possible, especially before sunset and before Fajr:

 And [the pious are] those who, when they commit an indecent act or wrong themselves, remember Allah, and plead [to Allah seeking His] forgiveness for their sins -and who forgives sins except Allah?- and who knowingly do not persist in what [sins] they have committed. [3:135] 

5- Performing Salat al-Layl (Namaz-e-Shab or Night Prayers) as it has got great benefits including making us away from sins. Wassalam Mohammad al-Musawi

Ref: www.wabil.info

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