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The Shi‘a agree that the Ahlul Bayt, because of their high status of being alongside the Qur’an, must be infallible, and that this group is a select group of the Prophet’s relatives. The Prophet himself clarified who the Ahlul Bayt are in many narrations (hadith)...

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In a well-known hadith narrated by both Shi‘a and Sunni Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad (s) has likened his household to the ship, or safinah, of Prophet Noah: Be aware that surely the parable of my household among you is like the ship of Noah: Whoever embarked on the ship of Noah was saved, and however refused so was drowned...

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In the south of Arabia, there is a place called Najran. There lived the Christian tribe of Najran who staunchly believed that Prophet Jesus (as) was the son of God. The Prophet invited them to accept Islam. In response to that, a delegation of their priests and elders came to Madina in order to discuss religion with the Holy Prophet Prophet Muhammad (S).

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...Thus it is clear from above discussion that Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) daily habit of stopping at his daughter Fatima Zahra's (as) house and addressing her household as Ahlul Bayt (Ahl al-Bayt), was not without reason. In fact he was expounding the meaning of the term Ahlul Bayt (Ahl al-Bayt) and practically explaining to the Muslims the verse of purity (Ayat Al-Tathir) and the particular person...

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Noting that the ark of Noah was a place of refuge and a means of salvation for when the great storm came, this truth becomes clear that the Islamic ummah will be saved in the storm which came after the death of the Prophet through the Ahlul Bayt...

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...The fact that the prophet had left among Muslims two weighty things; the Quran and his household, and that as long as people hold on to them both, they will not go astray. This shows that these two things must always be in harmony with each other. Otherwise the prophet would not have given the instruction to follow both of them.

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There are repeated Traditions in the Sunni and Shi’ite books in our hands today which speak about caliphate of the twelve imams and caliphs after the Holy Prophet. These can be found in many of the famous Traditions of the Sunnis, like Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Tarmadi, Muslim Sahih Abu Dawoud and Musnad Ahmad. The question remains however, that: Who are these twelve Imams?

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In essence, the Holy Qur’an regards a person’s consanguineous children as his children. Also, it deems as his children (both male and female) those who are born from his children. In the Qur’an and the Sunnah, there are plenty of proofs substantiating this fact, some of which we will mention in this article...

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Not only the Holy Prophet (S) and his Companions did this act but also past prophets (‘a) used to do it. Below are the proofs provided by the Qur’an and Sunnah concerning the legitimacy of seeking blessings through the remnants (and symbols) of the awliya’.

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love for a person of perfect virtue is itself a ladder leading one up to perfection; whenever someone loves a person with all his heart, he makes an effort to emulate him, to do whatever would bring happiness to that person, and to renounce whatever would grieve him. It goes without saying that such a predisposition is a source of transformation, keeping one continuously upon the path of obedience...

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The Prophet Muhammad (S)
Imam Ali (as)
Lady Faṭima al-Zahra (a)
Imam al-Hasan (as)
Imam al-Hussain (as)
Imam al-Sajjad (as)
Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as)
Imam Ja‘far al-Ṣadiq (as)
Imam al-Kazim (as)
Imam al-Reḍa (as)
Imam al-Jawad (as)
Imam al-Hadi (as)
Imam Hasan al-‘Askari (as)
Imam al-Mahdi (as)


Daily Hadith
الإخْوانُ في اللّهِ تعالى تَدُومُ مَودّتُهُم، لِدَوامِ سَبَبِها.
Brothers [whose brotherhood is] for the sake of Allah, enjoy an enduring Amity, due to the firmness of its foundation