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am the son of the one who defended the Muslims, killed the oath breakers of allegiance and the unjust and the renegades, struggled against his tiring enemies, the most excellent one of those who walked (to war) from among Quraysh, the first to respond to Allah from among the believers...

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The knowledge and character par excellence of the Imam attracted people of all kinds towards him. This was the main reason that created jealousy in the hearts of the rulers who thought that this attraction to the Imam had the potential of turning a political tide against their establishment...

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Twenty Traditions from Imam Sajjad (as)

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It has been narrated that after the event of Karbala, when the captives were taken into Syria, an old man came close to the caravan and said: I thank God that he destroyed and killed you, and he made the cities safe from your men and he gave Yazid victory over you! ...

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The Prophet Muhammad (S)
Imam Ali (as)
Lady Faṭima al-Zahra (a)
Imam al-Hasan (as)
Imam al-Hussain (as)
Imam al-Sajjad (as)
Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as)
Imam Ja‘far al-Ṣadiq (as)
Imam al-Kazim (as)
Imam al-Reḍa (as)
Imam al-Jawad (as)
Imam al-Hadi (as)
Imam Hasan al-‘Askari (as)
Imam al-Mahdi (as)


Daily Hadith
لا يكونُ أخوكَ أقوى مِنكَ على مَودّتِهِ.
Do not let your brother be stronger than you are in your amity for him.