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The secular system always swings according to the mood of the people: sometimes, the people feel that capital punishment for murder is not right and so they pressure their representatives to vote against capital punishment. But when crimes rates increase and serial murder cases occur more frequently, public opinion changes and the legislators are influenced in favour of capital punishment...

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The word “shari‘a” literally means “a way.” In Islamic terminology, it means the legal system of Islam. It is normally translated as the laws of Islam or the Islamic laws...

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The freedom granted to the individual in such areas as economics and politics is, in Islam, conditioned by the following principle: that such freedom does not conflict with man's spiritual imperatives, nor undermine the foundations of public welfare...

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Whereas the Arabic term "al-Harb" means war, and the word" jihad" means struggling or striving but mistakenly the Arabic word "jihad" has been often translated as "holy war"...

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Unfortunately there are many terrorist groups in some of the Islamic countries who kill the followers of different Islamic sects in order to increase sectarianism and denominational tensions in the Islamic world. But it is clear that any sort of denominational tensions in the region is absolutely dangerous for all the people of the region that is why we must be aware of the consequences of the pre...

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The Prophet Muhammad (S)
Imam Ali (as)
Lady Faṭima al-Zahra (a)
Imam al-Hasan (as)
Imam al-Hussain (as)
Imam al-Sajjad (as)
Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as)
Imam Ja‘far al-Ṣadiq (as)
Imam al-Kazim (as)
Imam al-Reḍa (as)
Imam al-Jawad (as)
Imam al-Hadi (as)
Imam Hasan al-‘Askari (as)
Imam al-Mahdi (as)


Daily Hadith
لا يكونُ أخوكَ أقوى مِنكَ على مَودّتِهِ.
Do not let your brother be stronger than you are in your amity for him.