A miraculous birth (story)

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A miraculous birth (story)
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When our 1st Imam, Imam Ali (A) was about to be born. his mother Lady Fatima bint al-Asad went to the Ka'ba and prayed to Allah that the baby she was going to have would be born safely. Imam Ali (A) had 3 older brothers. They were Talib, Aqeel and Ja'far. They had been born at home, like all babies were in those days. But this time, Lady Fatima felt that things were going to be different. She was right! She was standing near the wall opposite the door of the Ka'ba, praying to Allah when suddenly there was a crack in the wall near her. The crack became bigger and bigger until it was big enough for Lady Fatima to go through it.

She felt herself being drawn into the Ka'ba and then, suddenly she was inside the building! When she had entered the Ka'ba, the crack began to get smaller and smaller. This crack is still there to this day on the wall of the Ka'ba. The day was the 13th of Rajab, and inside the Ka'ba, our 1st Imam (A) was born. Some people who had been near the Ka'ba saw what had happened and started telling others. They went to inform Abu Talib that his wife had mysteriously entered the Ka'ba and had not come out. He was very worried, so he went and got the keys of the door of the Ka'ba. But the door would not open.

Prophet Muhammad (S) had been away while all this was going on. At about the same time, he returned from his trip and learnt what had happened. At once he went to the Ka'ba. When he tried to open the door, the lock of the Ka'ba fell open all on its own and Lady Fatima came out holding her new little baby; Imam Ali (A). When the Prophet (S) held the Imam (A), he opened his eyes for the first time. The first thing Imam Ali (A) ever saw was the face of Prophet Muhammad (S). The Prophet (S) was delighted at the birth of his special cousin. He smiled and said to him, "you were waiting for me and I have been waiting for you" Imam Ali (A) is the only person ever to be born in the Ka'ba. He was special in the eyes of Allah right from the time he was born. 

A hadith from Imam Ali 

A person never becomes a true Muslim until he stops telling lies, whether seriously or as a joke.2 

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2. Usul Kafi, v.2, p.340 

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