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Sermon of Imam Sajjad (A.S.) in the court of Yazeed

am the son of the one who defended the Muslims, killed the oath breakers of allegiance and the unjust and the renegades, struggled against his tiring enemies, the most excellent one of those who walked (to war) from among Quraysh, the first to respo...

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The Supplication of Kumayl

The supplication of Kumayl is one of the most beautiful Islamic Du'as which is named after Kumay ibn Ziyadl; who was taught this Du'a by his master, Imam Ali (as).

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Imamate (Leadership) in Shi‘i Islam

Imamate (Divinely Appointed Leadership) is a very high position, and it is only Allah who can decide who is qualified for it. And if the Prophet Muhammad (S) announced to the people that the Twelve Imams are the leaders, or that the Ahlul Bayt are th...

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Who are the ‘Twelve Imams’?

A set of hadiths narrated by our Sunni brothers about twelve successors of the Prophet will be presented in this article. There are different versions of these hadiths; sometimes the term amir, or ruler/leader is used for the twelve Imams and sometim...

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Who are the Ahlul Bayt?

The Shi‘a agree that the Ahlul Bayt, because of their high status of being alongside the Qur’an, must be infallible, and that this group is a select group of the Prophet’s relatives. The Prophet himself clarified who the Ahlul Bayt are in many narrat...

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The authority of the Ahl al-Bayt in Hadith of Safinah

In a well-known hadith narrated by both Shi‘a and Sunni Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad (s) has likened his household to the ship, or safinah, of Prophet Noah: Be aware that surely the parable of my household among you is like the ship of Noah: Whoever...

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The authority of the Ahl al-Bayt in Hadith of Thaqalayn

The famous narration of the Prophet, the Hadith of Thaqalayn, is narrated in different versions by all Islamic schools of thought with regards to the Ahl al-Bayt. The Prophet may have mentioned it on different occasions due to its importance and to e...

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The Importance of Imamate (Leadership of Ahlulbayt)

A person who does not know the Imam of his age is likened to a person who died before Islam, or more specifically, the Age of Ignorance (Jahiliyyah). In any case, the saying “Whoever dies while he does not know the imam of his age” indicates the nece...

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Spirituality as a Journey

In Islamic literature, spirituality is described as a journey. We should think of ourselves as wayfarers. We have all embarked on a journey away from God and then we are going back to Him. We have all been created by God and this creation is a sort o...

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Different Names and Titles of Lady Fatima (as) and Their Meanings

To give names to their newborn children is of a special importance to advocates of Allah's religion, for a human being is called by his name; hence, a good or, bad name leaves its effect on the holder. Upon studying the life of Lady Fatima al-Zahra...

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