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Imam Reza (as) says: “May God bless the one who revives our affairs; learns our teachings and teaches them to people; for if people knew the beauties of our words, they would certainly follow us”.

As Muslims and the followers of Ahl al-Bayt, we have the responsibility to spread the message of the final religion; namely Islam across the world in any way that we can. One may spend his life learning the message of Islam so as to share it with those to whom the true and genuine teachings of Islam have not reached. Others may want to support this mission financially and thus be included in the prayer of Imam al-Reza (as) and provide a shade for themselves on the day of judgment where there will be no shade except for those who strive in the way of Allah.

We as a group of Muslim scholars have done our parts and after many years of studying in the seminary of Qum, have established Islamplus site in order to promote Islamic ideas and teachings, and are waiting for your kind supports and financial aids in order to maintain this process and provide the expenses of the site.

In order to give brief details of different sections of the site, mention should be made that it comprises of different sections including:

1. The Holy Qur’an: where you can have access to the Quran’s text in different languages with multiple options.

 2. Hadith:  In the section of hadith, 2500 hadiths have, so far, been selected and translated into 8 different languages.

3 Articles: where you can find contents in a variety of subjects related to Islam.

4. Q&A: In this section not only you have access to a large number of questions and answers about Islam, but also you can send any question you may have about Islam and have the answer as soon as possible.

5. Library: wherein you can find numerous books on Islam and its different branches. Having advanced features, this library proves to be useful for those who are interested in religious sciences.

6.Multimedia: A section where Islamic teachings, especially the Qur’anic verses and the traditions of Ahl al-Bayt are presented in the form of media productions; such as video clips, short lectures, hadith posters etc…

Dear user! With your support and assistance, our great goal will certainly be achieved .